Pierce Pettis is one of the finest singer/songwriters sharing his music across the US. We are pleased that he had an open evening to do a house concert here in Little Elm, TX.  And you can be among the few who are here to see and hear it. The concert will be limited to 30 people, including the house owners, so you will have a direct experience of the music.  For more information about Pierce Pettis

Suggested donation is $20 per person. All proceeds go to the artist.

We’re Doug and Janis Johnson. If you have questions about the concert, payment, anything, please e-mail us at doug@asknice.com or call us at 216-236-5443.

At Ask Nice, we’ll do anything for you if you just ask nice.

This is a private, limited concert. Your paid donation at PayPal is your ticket in the door. We will send you directions when you donate. Use the button below to send your donation.




Ask Nice - House Concert

with Pierce Pettis